The word Ashram (also known as Ashrama) stems from the Sanskrit word srama meaning, “making an effort towards liberation”. Liberation (liberation from Thoughts) on all its forms is powerful and calming. We all seek some form of it. And we go about realizing it in our own ways.

This is not the usual Indian style Ashram, in Ashram Sri Lanka (No Gurus no chanting no singing its free place to realize your own thoughts)

Some people attend what are known as conductive retreats in an effort to tap into, refocus, recuperate and even re-energize their emotional and journeys. At Ashram Sri Lanka we work with both individuals or on a collective level, as a group. A retreat like ours can work to reinforce the day-to-day discipline we might need to integrate the realm of in balance with the emotional into our lives by inculcating mindfulness. Mindfulness yields the fruits of discipline of the mind. And simplicity takes on many forms. It is a way of life and not just a means of relief. It is a journey to one’s own liberation.

What Ashram Sri Lanka Offers

At Ashram Sri Lanka, our tranquil retreat is more in-line with the Ashrams of the past. We offer simplicity. We offer a clean and peaceful space. Our Ashram is nestled in a beautiful environment, surrounded by nature in all its magnificence, with fields of greenery and flowers that envelop the senses. We share in nature’s space. We nurture our environment and show it compassion. We believe that our oneness with ourselves and our shared environment ultimately connects to the larger universe and beyond.

Ashram Sri Lanka aims to offer its guest a space that is both an escape from the pace of today’s world and make your own retreat ; a bringing back to basics. It is a simple and pristine place that provides an environment to allow one to leave their first world problems behind and delve into their own inner journey toward their personal liberation. We strive to continue to nurture such an environment – one that allows you to find and explore who you really are. You are your own teacher and your self seeking your personal truth. We provide you with a space that can help you find your way back to your inner peace and consciousness (Realization of one’s own self). We are motivated by the need to help others help themselves. If you are seeking to free yourself of emotional and physical burdens, self-imposed restraints, the stresses that stem from day-to-day struggles of living in a complex society, we hope to bring you closer to achieving that inner calm and stillness in the chaos that can be our world.

A retreat with us will provide you with the time and space you need for introspection, reflection, contemplation,yoga and meditation. The ultimate aim of meditation is to seek freedom from the wheel of ‘sansara’ – the cycle of birth and death. Even though it is a difficult task, it can be obtained through effort and dedication. And if one aspires to achieve spiritual growth and its benefits through serious meditation, Ashram Sir Lanka is the place for you.

We seek to provide you with a clean slate to chart your life going forward. And in helping you, we share in our collective journey.


With the right tools, you can begin your journey of revival. Meditation is one such critical tool. We clear the path for positive thoughts. And once there you can begin the experience of personal discovery, preserving yourself, engaging, respecting and honoring and finally liking and loving the world in oneness.

People around the world, irrespective of their religious beliefs, have become aware of the benefits gained through meditation. The immediate purpose of meditation is to train the mind and to use it effectively and efficiently in our daily life. Meditation is fundamental to disciplining one’s mind and freeing it of disruptive thoughts. It is a process that can only be achieved through practice. Here at Ashram Sri Lanka, the teachings of the Buddha are practiced.

At Ashram Sri Lanka we believe:

  • No one can achieve your dreams or goals but you.
  • Life is a series of journeys and we invite you on a journey with us to discover and explore who and what you are.
  • The first steps might be difficult, but pay attention to the experience and the results will be rewarding.
  • Keeping the mind calm and relaxed and you will awaken to your reality.  That’s what meditation is all about.
  • Those who seek will find. To start this journey, we provide a simple place in a beautiful and peaceful landscape in Sri Lanka
  •  Feeding the body with clean and simple vegetarian and vegan meals and simple space for lodging are part of the experience. 

The purpose of religion is to train the mind, not to blindfold humans with dogmatic and rigid rules. By controlling our thoughts we calm our senses and gain deep relaxation. When we talk of controlling the mind, we do not mean brainwashing. A person must control his own mind willingly and through personal effort. The fully controlled and purified mind is empowered and can settle mental disquiet and ultimately achieve seemingly distant goals.

Our Request of You At Ashram Sri Lanka

At Ashram Sri Lanka, we respect all life and beings. We view everything as worthy of life and to be valued. And we expect all our guests to conduct themselves with humbleness and respect. At Ashram Sri Lanka, we kindly request all our guests conduct themselves accordingly. Seeking what we call “senses stimulation” or “sense pleasures” will not bring long-lasting happiness and satisfaction, only temporary fulfilment. It is also known to create a cycle – making us slaves to our senses. At Ashram Sri Lanka, we ask that our rules of decency and civility on all levels be respected.

Our Promise To You

We are here for you and we will work with you as your needs require. We believe everyone’s journey is different and do not offer a one-style approach for everyone.

At Ashram Sri Lanka, we provide a refuge from the stresses of life and the tools to continue your journey forward…