April 20,


A truely authentic rustic and simple Sri Lankan experience with
traditional food and local experiences. An adventure down to the river with the
locals was the highlight of my stay. Meditation under the bodhi tree was also a
unique experience. Your host, Sam is a big hearted man with a passion for
improving the life’s of the locals with his water filter project – the info can
be found on the ashram website.

Private Feedback: Thank you Sam and Anusha you were both amazing hosts and I really
appreciate everything you did to make my stay the experience it was for me. The
place would t have been the same without you and am glad you were there while I
was there.


March 24, 201


C’est un super endroit au calme dans la foret (pas de sollicitation),
bonne nourriture vege, pratique yoga et meditation de sa propre initiative (car
rien d’organise), architecture super sympa : maisons en boue, mini lac avec
poisson, chambre avec jardin(!).


March 19, 201


it’s a good place for rest and calm down your mind, you don’t need to be
worried about anything, amazing flora & fauna and of course the food.


March 17, 201


Lovely place, really the best place to relax in nature. It is not a real
Ashram, so be aware of that before booking. But you can do yoga and meditation


it's not a traditional Ashram but it's the best place to come down and relax.

March 15, 201


For up, it’s not a traditional Ashram but it’s the best place to come
down and relaxe. The food was amazing and the people are so nice. It felt like
a second home. I love this place! Thanks for your awesome hospitality!

Private Feedback: Thank you so much for the great time on to your
amazing place!


March 14, 201


Magnifique endroit au cœur de la jungle, ideal pour se reposer, lire,
étudier, prendre du temps pour soi. Possibilité de pratiquer le yoga dans la
tree house, la méditation sous le bodhi tree . Les chambres sont mi a
l’interieur, mi a l’exterieur! J’ai adoré cet endroit, j’y retourne dans
quelques semaines!


March 4, 201


Beautiful tranquil place, perfect to be just be. Great food and friendly

Private Feedback: It’s exactly what it says it is


February 27, 201


Wonderful place to really find peace. I was the first few days the only
guest staying. Not much to do here so you can really focus on the meditation.
Staff is all locals with very basic English, but their golden hearts and smile
say all that’s needed. Food is delicious and made from only pure ingredients.
Katuwana is 20 min walk, with once a week a local market. Fruits are not served
so much so you might want to get some from there. River 20/30 min walk, staff
will gladly show you the way.

Private Feedback: Thank you for the stay at this wonderful place. I
end up staying for 1 week


February 18, 201


Beautiful and quiet place to do some yoga and meditation in an authentic
Sri Lankan village. Sam and the other people working at the place were so sweet
and the food was amazing! I enjoyed staying in the simple mud room and enjoying
a shower under the open sky. We had a nice walk down to a swim in a nearby
river as well. There no instruction given, so it’s really just a nice place to
relax and deepen your own practice.

Private Feedback: thank you, I had such a wonderful stay!


February 9, 201


What an amazing stay ! If you like living in the middle of nature,
you’re not afraid of insects and animals, and you need some “me
time”, this is what you need ! I loved my room, with the open air
bathroom. It is not the most comfortable place you’ll find but you’ll be amazed
of what you can understand about yourself by staying there. And the food.. the
cook is a magician ! It is the best food I’ve had so far in Sri Lanka ! Thank
you for those wonderful days. It feels like I’ve leaved a new family !

Private Feedback: Thank you Sam for this stay ! It really was what
I needed at this moment. If I ever come back to Sri Lanka, I’ll go to the
ashram, hoping you’ll be there this time !


February 5, 201


The perfect place for some relaxation and contemplation, because theres
not much more then beautiful nature, and good food! Don’t expect that you will
entertained with yoga and meditation all day, maybe when you ask for it, but
like they describe on the website merely you have to be your own teacher.

Private Feedback: Thank you for the wonderful stay, it was exactly
what I needed and the perfect place for some relaxation. And the food was


February 5, 201


Peaceful place and great staff. Excellent for self retreat. Simple and
basic furnishment. Delicious vegan fresh food.

Private Feedback: I had a great experience, thank you! For new
guestes just explain better is not an ashram as per common sense. While I was
there three people came, two of them went away becouse a real ashram (Guru
included :D) was expected. Wish coming again. Goodbye Luca


January 29, 2019


What an experience! Everybody should try at least 3 days here to rest,
meditate, and eat the best food ever!

Private Feedback: Don’t forget to put a sign for ladies with


January 28, 2019


This was an incredible , raw experience out in the rainforest in Sri
Lanka with the best food we had the whole trip. Sam was a lovely , very chilled
host, offering us occasional Buddhist teachings. We did a silent retreat for a
day and the other says were very quiet and peaceful. Would highly recommend.


January 26, 2019


The place that Sam and his community has built is truly amazing. With
everything you need it is the perfect place to unwind and find your inner
peace. The hospitality is without bounds and everyone are welcome as sisters
and brothers. And the food, OMG the food, Gamini makes the best rice and curry
I’ve ever had and if I ever go back to Sri Lanka, if for nothing else I will
make it back just for Gamini’s food. Depending on your definition of an Ashram
the word might be a bit misleading. Without a spiritual leader at premise or
any structured lessons what you make of your time there is completely up to
you. I spent a lot of time meditating and reading about meditation in the books
that were available. Once Sam and Mati showed up, they were able to provide
their views and thoughts about Buddhism and meditation. If possible, make sure
to spend some time when they are around, it will for sure improve your
experience. All in all, this was for me an amazing experience and if I return
to Sri Lanka, this is for me the most important place to revisit

Private Feedback: Sam, you and your friends are amazing human
beings and I’m so glad that I get the opportunity to meet you and see the place
that you’ve built for yourselves and others. the time spent at your place was
truly amazing and I’m taking a lot of positive energy with my back home from
the experience. thank you, Peder


January 26, 2019


A great place for self-lead meditation and learning. A beautiful,
tranquil location and delicious food.

Private Feedback: Thank you again 😊 awesome place and


January 22, 2019


Wenn man sich völlig erwartungslos auf die Zeit im Ashram einstellt,
passiert wunderbares. Vielen Dank für die Erfahrung von Naturverbundenheit,
Irrelevanz der Zeit, Stille & der Schönheit von Einfachheit.


January 16, 2019


For the ultimate in relaxation, getting back to nature and escaping it
all. Sam was such a welcoming host from the moment I arrived. I will never
forget his kindness and hospitality. Thank you, brother.

Private Feedback: Thank you for making me feel at home from the
moment I arrived. I cannot wait to come back.


January 1, 2019


Great place for inward journey, very quiet and peaceful. Very basic.
Amazing food.

Private Feedback: Thank you very much for hosting me, very special


December 29, 2018


Das Yoga Ashram liegt wunderschön mitten im Wald nahe der Ortschaft
Katuwana. Die Unterkunft besteht aus zwei einfachen Gebäuden in Lehmbauweise,
wovon eines von Gamini, dem Koch und Mädchen für alles, sowie als Essensraum
genutzt wird. Das andere Gebäude liegt ein paar Schritte oberhalb und bildet
die Gästeunterkunft. Die jeweiligen Räume gehen von einem Innenraum mit
angelegtem Teich aus und bestehen aus Bett mit Moskitonetz, Tisch, Stuhl,
offene Dusche und Toilette. Der Raum ist über dem Bett und Tisch überdacht, der
Rest befindet sich im Freien und wird von einer Mauer begrenzt (daher auch die
Außendusche und Toilette kein Problem). Strom ist in allen Gebäuden vorhanden
(Adapter mitbringen) Die Verpflegung von Gamini ist super. Was er auf seiner
sehr einfachen Feuerstelle zustande bringt, ist sehr gute Sri Lanka Küche,
vegan und köstlich. Essen wird dreimal am Tag zubereitet, wobei immer jeweils mindestens
ein Curry erneuert wird. Tee ist den ganzen Tag verfügbar. Zur Meditation gibt
es mehrere Locations. Für Yoga ist man auf sich alleine gestellt, ein paar alte
Matten sind noch vorhanden, aber kaum mehr verwendbar. Ich war vier Nächte im
Ashram und war tagsüber meist in den Wäldern unterwegs (Schlangen, Affen,
Vögel, Lizards, Warane usw.) oder war am 7km entfernten See Muruthawela
Reservoir, wo ich auch geschwommen bin. Gegen 16 Uhr setzte tropischer Regen
ein und ich nutzte die Zeit für Yoga oder zum entspannen. Das Yoga Ashram ist
ein ruhiger Ort, es findet nichts statt, keine Störungen, aber auch kein
Programm und kein Komfort. Wenn man das möchte und die Zeit für Meditation
nützt, ist man hier richtig. Wenn man Yoga mit anderen praktizieren möchte kann
es problematisch werden.


December 22, 2018


This place is way cool. Way way cool. Quiet. The absolute coolest vibe.
Imagine you have been abducted by a tribe living in harmony with their
surroundings, themselves and all other life forms. Yes this place is that.. A
rare find in a world of very disconnected beings!

Private Feedback: First of all, airbnb asks the STUPIDEST
QUESTIONS. how was your experince compared to your expectations? What kind of
foolishness is this? I don’t have expectations ever. I really can’t deal with
airbnb’s A.I. run corporation. As far as my “private” note to
ashram,what the hell do u mean PRIVATE. THIS IS ON THE INTERNET. GAMINI and his
daughter are walking examples of self realization. beings connected to Earth’s
pulse. I simply love them and was sooo comfortable with them. I want to
experience some dishes without coconut GaminI! I want to cook some when I
return to you beloved forest dwellers. WHICH I WILL DO INDEED. ABSOLUTELY


December 22, 2018


Very best place to come down, leave all belongings behind you. I got the
best food I ever had from the best cook I ever meet. All guys have been so friendly
and you find your self in a very lovely surrounding in the middle of nowhere. I
got teaching for meditation, sitting down a very beautiful and old Bodhi tree
from a super lovely guy. Had also nice experiences while going around with him
and seeing nice places. I’m sure to come back next year for some weeks and
going on to step deeper into my self. It’s a place, where you can be your self
and nobody will say to you what to do. Thanks for all and go on your way

Private Feedback: Very best place to come down, leave all
belongings behind you. I got the best food I ever had from the best cook I ever
meet. All guys have been so friendly and you find your self in a very lovely
surrounding in the middle of nowhere. I got teaching for meditation, sitting down
a very beautiful and old Bodhi tree from a super lovely guy. Had also nice
experiences while going around with him and seeing nice places. I’m sure to
come back next year for some weeks and going on to step deeper into my self.
It’s a place, where you can be your self and nobody will say to you what to do.
Thanks for all and go on your way


August 1, 2018


The Ashram is a beautiful, calm, natural retreat completely away from
the world. The food is all local, authentic Sri Lankan and amazing! The
facilities are simple Ashram style. If you are looking for a place where you
can refresh, meditate and just ‘be’ then this will be one of the best places
you can find in the world!

Private Feedback: Again, Thankyou so much! The place is amazing and
I will be sure to recommend it to my like minded friends!


July 1, 201


This place is a wonderful place. Incredible birds, many other animals, a
lovely cat and three nice street-house dogs. Great oldschool mud architecture
and good, proper food cooked by the chef of the house, Gamini. It’s pretty
silent here, although it’s not just jungle, but rather a very wide spread
village in the jungle, so always some people around, but mostly at the kitchen
house, not at the main / sleeping house. Still you can hear from far people
working and listening to very loud music (you just hear a little, little
sound…). It’s a marvelous place to relax and enjoy oneself. Though, after
staying one entire month, we thought it is not an Ashram. I think one can get
really relaxed after some days, but for really working the inner space, it’s
just not equipped properly. especially for longterm and daily intense yoga
practice not, for that it is too busy somehow. We had the chance to discuss our
impressions and suggestions to the owners in detail on how to make this place a
real paradise for inner experiences. Still: We had a great time and are very
thankful for every moment spent here. Go there and check it out, it’s very,
very beautiful and it needs you to go there and… work! thanks a lot for every
talk and silent moment.


April 30, 201


very peaceful place, slept amazing being disconnected from everything in
such a beautiful place


April 27, 201


I really enjoyed my time in the ashram. It’s such a peaceful location, directly in the jungle, so that one can watch the nature from sunrise to sunset. And even during the night … so many fireflies. The whole place is just like magic and the food is legendary! I already miss my swinging bed and the nice talks I had with Sam and the other guests. Furthermore, I learned the meaning of ‚enough‘ 🙂 Thank you so much for your hospitality, your time and everything!

Private Feedback: I already miss the legendary food! Thanks for the
stay … I enjoyed it so much!

Maria Laura

April 10, 20


Great place to disconnect and be in nature….


January 4, 201


Hi Sam, I wrote everything I have to say in the book. I was really sorry
that I didn’t meet you personally.


November 19, 201


My stay in Asrham Sri Lanka was simply amazing. I can’t imagine a better
place to recenter and meditate. Sam is always there with a nice little saying
and Gamini makes the best food ever. They both took care of me like I was
family and I’m definitely coming back as soon as I can to continue this awesome
adventure with them. Om Shanti

Private Feedback: Thank you again!!!! See you next year and keep in
touch 😀


May 30, 201


The whole complex is made up of the mainhouse, a smaller
“mudhouse” and a new almost finished bigger 3-side-bungalow with
space for another couple of people. The house where i was, is a beautifully and
with love built bungalow. It is made out of natural resources like earth, wood
and stone. It is open to many sides and allows to stay in contact with nature
at all times. The house is in a private jungle and the closest village is a
7-minute busride away. Families live in colourful houses nearby in walking
distance and often come around for a visit. It is a great place to exchange
stories and share life. My favourite place was by far the treehouse just a
little up the hill with an amazing view over the jungle and to the hills in the
distance. It is a perfect place to detatch oneself and do yoga or meditate. The
name ashram, may be misleading when you expect an indian hindu-meditation
center. There are no programs or activities, no religious dogma or prayers and
no spiritual guiding (when Sam isn’t there). Instead, you create your own day
and concentrate on yourself. There is a bookshelf full of usefull literature
and also outside of the spiritual range. The best thing is Gamini’s food,
though. He provides you with 3 huge meals a day and uses traditional recipes.
From coconut sambol to jackfruit curry with rice, it never gets boring. Sadly,
the owner Sam was only there for two nights, as he has a lot of projects on the
side. When he was there he had an open ear for everyone and tought right from
wrong. If you are experienced in meditation this is the place to be. You are
cut off from humanmade stress and noise. Instead the sounds of nature are
omnipresent. It is a good place to be alone with oneself and maybe not talk for
some time, as the main language is singala (english is spoken rudimentary)


The ashram is the place to go if you are looking for a calm and peaceful
environment for your meditation og yoga practice. If you wish, Sam will teach
you about meditation. You can do yoga in your room or in the treehouse. Bring
your own yoga mat or use the ones there. The ashram is in a private jungle and
the directions at the website are easy to follow – bus drivers know where to
stop and the tuk-tuks are across the road. If you wish you can walk from the
main Road – the ashram is on (Website hidden by Airbnb) Sam is very friendly
and so are the others at the ashram – and Garmeni cooks the best food (vegan
food). The house is made from clay and it is basic and very nice. The room in
the house, where I stayed, is nice, clean, and with moskito-nets. There is a
water-filter, so you can refill your water bottle. Overall it is so peaceful
and quiet at the ashram; I recommend for everyone to go there – and find
themselves or learn more about themselves.

Private Feedback: Thank you Sam. Thanks for the talks and the loving atmosphere at the ashram. I hope to see you again – and we will read that newspaper that day :

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