You all become the life of the ashram because of your contribution in many ways from the beginning. The way we discuss, maximum 8 people are enough for the day to go on this journey too much is trouble, and 8 members is a good group to speak about 8 particles of the atom.


Dear brothers/sisters,

please make your reservations on line like first time visitors, we know we all do plenty contributions to finish this journey. the instrument name call money we can exchange any time if we needed.

To avoid no-shows (visitors) you have to make reservations through the website (Airbnb), we have 8 rooms in the ashram and we let you reserve only 6 rooms on the web so if we have a place we are happy to welcome you. We limit the number of people staying at the Ashram at a time,(with the experience its difficult to hold your conciseness with more people) so please resave your room through the Air B&B site (clicking under the mentioned photo links) and get your confirmation of the booking before you come to Ashram. and if not resave your room before come someone can resave it while you inside.


Room Rasa (Taste)

Room Apo (water) – (See Video)

Room Oja (Nutriment)


Room Patavi (Earth)-(See Video)


Room Wayo (Air) –(See Video)


Room Warna (Visible Forms)