A number of religious and spiritual traditions encourage simple living and Various notable individuals have claimed that spiritual inspiration led them to a simple living lifestyle this is the best retreat what you can teach yourself if you once teach this to yourself, you going to understand the word   “enough”….   that’s show you to the path of happiness.
During the stay people can attend to spiritual activities in a disciplined way so that when they go back they will feel more confident and strengthened in their outlook of life that brought about in their practices and experiences at the Ashram. 
for spiritual reawakening, as we deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life, which people sometimes are unable to cope with or come to terms with, a retreat at the ashram will give the time and space they need for introspection, reflection, contemplation and meditation.
Practice the ‘Art of Nothing’
simply ‘Rest, Sleep, Eat and Repeat’ or join daily meditation & yoga by your own and repeat it where ever you are …
Our Thoughts, our Speech and our deeds have an irreversible and definitive affect to the environment where we are, therefore it is important to understand the repercussion and bring your sincere efforts to preserve, protect and cherish such a place as the ashram with right thoughts and actions.
You might be stepping away from a hectic lifestyle full of demanding activities and a too busy life style. You may be taking a break from the responsibilities of children or caring for someone.
You may be escaping from a bad emotional situation. You may just want some quiet and to be left alone for a day or two. You may just want some tranquility in which to consider where you are in life.

“’Help the Helper”

Helping the helper is the best way to live in this Ashram Sri Lanka (your second home on this planet), if you live this way for some moments you can get away from the feeling (impression) of whatever is bothering you and relax in peace.

most important way of living is , if you see some thing wrong or missing please speak with some one he will solve that  no body is perfect and nothing is perfect in this universe.

If some trees need water just please give it

If you feel Hungry of thirsty just ask

If you see anything dirty please clean it or wash it

If it’s not tidy just please make it so

If you see something is broken please fix it

If you feel like building something, please just build it!

This is your second home on planet earth, so please make it comfortable and treat it like  your home.

Please not – Ashram sri Lanka is situated at the heights point of the Katuwana (Horawinna sub village) village therefore you can see the scenery of the village mountain’s and some time you can hear the chanting music of village temples (we have 3 Buddhist temples around the village and Sri Lankan’s has traditional party’s and ceremonies, we are a jungle and little animals may make noise some time, if you don’t like that kind of situation please avoid this retreat center.

The people we not expected 

Drug addicts / if you get use to any kind of drug please don’t come to ashram sri Lanka this is not a place to you (you gonna end up in police). if we understand if you having or using any kind of drug instantly we chase you out of Ashram.

smoking /   smoking is not prohibited but not in the rooms and public areas { you can fiend the smoking place near the restaurant}