Start to believe in your self

You are the best teacher you can ever find on this earth, from  birth how many things have you seen, heard, smelled, tasted, felt and taught…how many? How much experience you have gained in the game of living thus you are the only person who can liberate yourself have faith in yourself…You are the master of your own game,  you can do it …

You might ask, how am I going to make it? it’s easy …so easy to do, you only have one student, one listener who has never being under your control …then how does it become easy…because he is inside within you…so you can do it. No one else can do it for you because others are living outside …if you can’t get it done you end up becoming a slave to all your greed, anger and delusion that burns inside, of you.

Do not let to the pressures inside of you make you unhappy or sad, be free from yourself…and then you can be truly happy

Now…. Got that… understood? You can do it … trust yourself… you can do it……

We call that “Realization of one’s own self” by ultimately realizing there is no self. All complications, stresses and suffering are based on the perception of self (ME, MY, AND MINE) we know that you are not there yet but the important thing is you will eventually get there.

This is the place where it can all end and can give you a new beginning to true living with a new outlook of life and that’s why we call this Ashram

“A Meditation centre for realization of one’s own self”

first step is the hardest  ???????

Ashram Sri Lanka is not schools to teach people or students, because we believe you can be your teacher and you can make your ashram inside you .. it’s a place which contributes to a much greater course in life. Hence it is not our anticipation to provide you with teachers thus it is your individual journey, what you do, what you explore is entirely up to you as we believe one’s own self is the only true consistent teacher one can have. However if anyone requires any assistance as guidance we are more than happy to welcome you to avail yourself to our library which has a lot of journals and books on meditation. (The things what you know and the things you haven’t taught yourself yet) so this is the place for that…and this is the place likes that …..

In this ashram older (senior) members can instruct newcomers about yoga and meditation if someone required it. You can trust and be assured that these elders are knowledgeable in the relevant field. So you can learn from them and teach yourself in the ashram.    Relax and follow (yourself) slowly… and gradually you can develop mindfulness, the consciousness in everything you do and eventually become the silent observer of yourself. This experience will help you inculcate your mind to be what you want to be and to achieve the ultimate goal of liberation. Refrain from conducting in a manner of imitating and copying someone as it will not help you reap the benefits you came to achieve, this is a  place to relax, revise, contemplate, analyse yourself and Understand who you are ….(self-purification)