Today many people from the entire world, irrespective of their religious beliefs have become aware of the benefits, gained through meditation. The immediate purpose of meditation is to train the mind and to use it effectively and efficiently in our daily life.

Stepping in to the ashram for spiritual reawakening or as we deal with the demands of everyday life, which people are sometimes unable to absorb or come to terms with, a retreat at the ashram will give the time and space they need for introspection, reflection, contemplation and meditation. During your stay people can attend to spiritual activities in a disciplined way so that they can go back strengthened in the practice and richer in experience. Since what we think, say and do affect the atmosphere wherever we are, it is important to cherish such a place as the ashram with right thoughts and actions.

  The ultimate aim of meditation is to seek freedom from the wheel of ‘sansara’ – the cycle of birth and death. Even though it is a most difficult task, it can be obtained through right effort and dedication here and now, and if one aspires to achieve spiritual growth and its benefits through serious meditation  Ashram Sir Lanka is the place for you. It is appropriate to re–iterate what prospects are, of these benefits because sometimes we lose sight of the real alms of Buddhist meditation.

Most people resort to wrong methods and habits to find peace and happiness.
They seek them from outside of themselves instead of looking within themselves . Introspective and introverted thinking is largely lacking in these methods, therefore many find themselves in deeper complexities and suffering due to wrong choices in trying to find peace and happiness.

People become delusional in trying to overcome their miseries by seeking to please their senses; they drink, gamble and dance under the illusion that they are enjoying happiness. Sense stimulation or sense pleasures does not really bring peace and happiness in the level of their expectation, further only a temporary relaxation.
The more we try to please the senses through sensual pleasures, the more we will become slaves to the senses. (We call addicted)
There will be no end to our craving to satisfaction in this way.

Ashram sri Lanka provides that platform to uplift people’s inner mental development and spiritual growth by the techniques of Modern Psychology, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, to give harmony of mind through spiritual retreats, meditation, yoga and Ayurveda treatments in different levels. A refuge from the ordinary and a perfect get away from the constant busy routine of life.