Room tips – we have two kind of rooms open rooms at the man house and ordinary rooms at Mud house near Bodhi tree , those rooms are made out very simple way from the mud ,open rooms have trees inside and its like you live with the nature

Price for the day (Per Person)

Your accommodation                  —-we are a non-profitable organization although we like to emphasize that it is not our wish but there is a realistic requirement of means to maintain this place in its pristine condition, hence we charge 10 $(usd) per person (not the room) as we believe it is a very  reasonable amount to cover the cost.

Your Food – we provide you with Sir Lankan style veg / vegan meals and most likely rice and curry. From the moment you step into the Ashram, the experience would be one of a living in the asceticism which is simple life or with least requirements. You will be charged 5 $(usd) for all the food and drinks for the day, Your contribution will provide you with everything that you need to have a complacent spiritual experience of your life

We limit the number of people staying at the Ashram at a time,(with the experience its difficult to hold your conciseness with more people) so please get your confirmation of booking before you come to Ashram.

For Reservation    – 

To avoid no shows (visitors) you have to make reservations through the web site(Airbnb), we have 10 rooms in the ashram and  we let you to reserve only 6 room in the web so if we have a place we are happy to welcome you. but try your best to reserve your room though clicking below photos,(its take you to the Airbnb web link) if its difficult contact us please .

The rooms at Ashram sri lanka is very special designed Eco-friendly architecture, so please see the photos of the room before you come    

Room Rasa(Taste)

Room Apo(water)

Room Oja(Nutriment)

Room Patavi (Earth)

Room Wayo (Air)

Room Warna (Visible Forms)