Coming to our place not only benefit your mind and your heart, but your body too. During your stay you will feed on organic fresh food. Most of fruits and veggies come from our garden: coco-nuts, bananas, papayas, Jack fruit, chilies, passion fruit, bread fruit, mangoes, curry, lemons…
Other veggies and fruits come from our neighbours: pineapples, pomelo…
All the other fruits and veggies come from the community, people from our surroundings (LIKE ONIONS, GARLIC…Potatoes )
Gamini our handy man he look after cows. Ask for fresh organic milk. Ask as well for local yogurt made of buffalo milk.(curd) Mixed with local organic honey it is sample of heaven. We’re all vegetarians here, so please don’t expect to eat meat or fish. Our staple food is rice with veggies cooked with a wood oven, curry and love. if you love the bread and buns you can have it from village bakery. best bread the have name roast pan (
Sri Lankan Roasted Flat Bread )

Eating with us is not only good for your health, it also supports our local community as they supply us with organic fruits and veggies. Take good care of your mind, of your heart and of your body. You are what you eat

coming owe try our best to provide vegetable’s from our Ashram
promises rest we buy from neighbor lands and other we buy from the village fair .