The same time we should allow again to cherish a blossoming feeling towards life and connect with external and internal existence of self. This helps to accept every day as it comes.

You will experience inner calmness, an eternal bliss brought from the freeing yourself of emotional burdens, physical burdens, restraints,  stresses that  stems from day to day battle of living in a complex society.

Meditation is a fundamental means to discipline one’s mind, freeing it of disruptive thoughts, a process that can only be achieved through practice. Here at the Ashram, the teachings of the Buddha are largely practiced and expounded if necessary.

  • There is no one else who can do it for you. You have to achieve it on our own by paying attention to what is happening.
  • We invite you to take this journey and to discover and explore who and what you are.
  • The first step might be difficult, but pay attention to the moment and what’s happening in another moment in totality. Keep the mind calm and relax till you do nothing to realize what the reality is.  That’s what meditation is all about.
  • To start your journey to knowing reality, we will provide a place in a beautiful and peaceful landscape in Sri Lanka with food and space for lodging. 

The purpose of religion is to train the mind. Not to blindfold mankind with dogma.

  • By controlling the mind we calm our senses and gain deep relaxation.
  • When we talk of controlling the mind, we do not mean brainwashing.
  • A person must control his own mind willingly and through personal effort.
  • The mind which is fully controlled and purified will be free from mental disturbances and can see many things not perceivable by others with their naked eyes