The word Ashram (also known as ashrama) stems from the Sanskrit word srama which means “making an effort towards liberation”

Ashram sir Lanka is a spiritual retreat centre which has a serene ambience of Ashram’s of two-three thousand years ago, in the world. This place gives you peace and tranquillity in its entirety, people occasionally wish to attend to a conductive retreat, in order to recuperate and re-energize people in to their spiritual rejuvenation. This can be done both individually and collectively. A retreat can reinforce the day to day discipline, for that we need to have to integrate spirituality in our lives by inculcating mindfulness that yields fruits of discipline of the mind. Spirituality is a way of life and not just a means of relief but a journey to one’s own liberation.

We have created an environment to magnify the way for the path to the freedom, by finding and exploring who you really are, by being the teacher and student yourself; at the same time. To seek what  the truth is about who we are in this delusion of life.( at the ashram you learn how to be happy with nothing)

We have always had a deep rooted vision in our life, to offer you a great place which can help you find your way back to your inner peace and consciousness (Realization one’s own self).