Ashram Discipline and Code of Conduct

It is the prime expectation of the Ashram providers that you appreciate and acknowledge the Sir Lankan social behaviour and the oriental customary ways of maintaining and preserving the very nature of the Ashram in its pristine naturalistic way. We urge you to make a conscious effort to speak softly and not play music loudly. Further not play radios or music in the residences, which is emphatically not allowed not allowed as it will result in destroying peace of others. Loud singing of Bahamians by groups or individuals in the open areas or in residential quarters is further emphatically not permitted.

Technology and Devices – To provide the most tranquilized atmosphere of the nature and the peace of mind, cellular phones and other electronic devices are highly discouraged.     Please keep the room / hall clean.   Any efforts made to minimize the use electricity (energy) gas / kerosene, oil and water are kindly appreciated. Please make sure that you turn off the taps and turn off lights before leaving your respective area, room or place. Please do not leave lit candles or scented sticks when you are not in the room.

Security of your personal belongings is your responsibility.

Please do not dry clothes in veranda or in other common areas. Please make a conscious effort to maintain the cleanliness of the Ashram. (This is your Home)It is expected that you will contribute to sustaining this standards by dedicating a little bit of your time for farming / agricultural works.

Meditation @ Yoga

Ashrams are not schools to teach people or students, it’s a place which contributes to a much greater course in life. Hence it is not our anticipation to provide you with teachers thus it is your individual journey, what you do, what you explore is entirely up to you as we believe one’s own self is the only true consistent teacher one can have. However if anyone requires any assistance as guidance we are more than happy to welcome you to avail yourself to our library which has a lot of journals and books on meditation. (The things what you know and the things you haven’t taught yourself yet) so this is the place for that…and this is the place likes that …..

In this ashram older (senior) members can instruct newcomers about yoga and meditation if someone required it. You can trust and be assured that these elders are knowledgeable in the relevant field. so you can learn from them and teach yourself in the ashram.    Relax and follow (yourself) slowly… and gradually you can develop mindfulness, the consciousness in everything you do and eventually become the silent observer of yourself. This experience will help you inculcate your mind to be what you want to be and to achieve the ultimate goal of liberation. Refrain from conducting in a manner of imitating and copying someone as it will not help you reap the benefits you came to achieve, this is a  place to relax, revise, contemplate, analyse yourself and Understand who you are ….(self-purification)

Ashram Sri Lanka is one of the best basic natural eco resorts you will find.  It is eco-friendly and full of birds, butterflies and other wonderful jungle animals which you can be with.  There are plenty of trees and a sacred Bodhi tree that you can talk to.  The food here is all natural, vegan and it comes fresh from the jungle around the ashram or the local village market.  We offer you Sri Lankan village tradition and basic village lifestyle, which we believe you won’t find anywhere else I Sri Lanka!

If you aren’t comfortable and have no interest with simple living, please don’t come.  If you want to experience amazing natural beauty and simple jungle village life, we are excited to share this place with you!

Dress Code              

In order to maintain the sanctity, peace, calmness, tranquillity and quiet vibrations of the Ashram, shorts and transparent or body tight suits dresses not allowed  for woman’s .

MEDITATION      (To the Mind)

       RETREAT              (To the Brain)

                  FARMING                     (To the Body)

The way of life in the Ashram Sri Lanka is to observe the liberation of life through giving-up material gains and attain the highest spiritual contentment. You should ready to embrace the basic living conditions and life style with respect and in time, you will gain a deeper knowledge of the supreme content and style of life over here. Hopefully, while helping with our cultivation in the Ashram you will realize the value of being and living with nothing (a very simple way of living) and the supreme bliss of tranquillity of the mind just by keeping to the basics of life and with almost nothing to call material. (Give life to the tree it will give your life back)   Ashram Sri Lanka is located in a private jungle, they are simply made, with moderate houses (earth houses), which you can share with other visitors

We limit the number of people staying at the Ashram at a time, so please get your confirmation of booking before you come to Ashram. 

“’Help the Helper” 

 Helping the helper is the best way to live in this Ashram Sri Lanka (your second home on this planet), if you live this way for some moments you can get away from the feeling (impression) of whatever is bothering you and relax in peace..

If some trees need water just please give it

If you feel Hungry of thirsty just ask

If you see anything dirty please clean it or wash it

If it’s not tidy just please make it so

If you see something is broken please fix it

If you feel like building something, please just build it!

This is your second home on planet earth, so please make it comfortable and treat it like you would your first home.


For Reservation    – To avoid no shows (visitors) you have to make reservations through the  site, if you need more information regarding reservations please contact us.     Or if you are in sir Lanka, just make a call to us and check the availability, if we have a place we are happy to welcome you.